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About Me

Former music-journalist and American emigrant. Current Dog Trainer. Fish keeper, reptile enthusiast and cat-dad-in-mourning. (Miss you Beaker!) Gay, Jewish, gluten-sensitive. 

Artist Statement: 

City dwellers do not live separate from nature, no matter how much we might wish otherwise.  The cats on our couches, the raccoons in our yards and the starlings on our power lines; all remind us daily how the wild and divine slip through the cracks in our urban armour. 

Anthropocene-era living is a total collision with nature. My art offers the tools to prepare for that crash and not just survive it, but thrive in the aftermath. To separate from nature brings sickness and in unity, healing.

I illustrate the dream of a peaceful co-existence between the forces of nature and the needs of humans. The aim is not victory, but balance. I paint a world of balance - between the city and the wild, between sadness and joy, between a burning present day and a verdant, thriving future. I paint hope. 


  • Outsider Art Fair, "We Are Birds" Curated Space, New York, March 2023

  • A City/Un Ville, Gallery 1313, Toronto, 2023

  • The Artist Project, Toronto, 2023

  • Take Me Back To Happiness, Northern Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, 2023

  • The Drawing Show, Gerrard Art Space 2023

  • Under 100 Holiday Art Show, Northern Contemporary, 2022

  • A Nightmare on Roncesvalles, Northern Contemporary, 2022

  • I Draw The Sign, Jinks Art Factory, Toronto, 2019

  • Figure and Flight, The Grand Trunk, Toronto, 2019


George Brown College.   Art and Design foundation Certificate, 2017. Graduated with Honours 

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